2-Digit Addition Regrouping Centers for 2nd Grade


Two Digit Addition Center Ideas for 2nd Grade

As a second grade teacher for 6 years, I can confidently say that you can never have enough 2-digit addition regrouping practice in 2nd grade. Sure, you also teach 3-digit addition, but two-digit addition regrouping is the foundation, and students must master to move on to larger numbers, and they definitely need the skill before 3rd grade. 

If you know me, you know that I LOVE easy prep anything! Easy prep dinners (one-pot meals are my fav), and I don’t like to cut out excessive laminate or small pieces that students have to keep track of (nightmare!). 

So that’s why I’ve always used centers that are simple to prep and engaging for my student’s eager minds! Here are my 3 center ideas for two-digit addition…

2 Digit Addition Regrouping Mazes


My students LOVE mazes, they are a superb indoor recess activity, so this center idea really gets them excited! 


•Maze (you can laminate or put in a sleeve for a reusable center).

•Coloring utensil (marker, crayon, colored pencil)

Prep: Print out mazes and laminate or place them in a wipable sleeve.

Let’s Play: Solve the addition problem. Then follow the path with the matching answer to the next box continues to Finished! square.

Differentiation: Place the mazes in different colored folders, so the blue group has a blue folder with mazes at their level, the Red group has their mazes in their folder etc.

It’s also a great way to provide accountability for the center time, and you can even use it to quickly assess their understanding of 2-digit addition with regrouping. 

2 Digit Addition Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger hunts may not sound center-ish, but they totally can be! They are mobile stations where students can move about the room quietly and work independently (or with partners) without disrupting class. If you don’t want them walking around, you can mount the cards on one wall, mixed up, so they are still “finding” the answers. 


•1 set of cards (color paper is fun!)

•1 work page per student

Prepare: Arrange cards around the room in any order.

Let’s Play!: Students go to any station and write the “previous answer” number in the first circle. Then they solve the problem and write the answer in the circle in the next box. Students find the card with the matching previous answer. In the last box, the final answer should match the circle in the first box. 

Differentiation: Copy the scavenger hunt cards in different colors that match the color of your leveled groups. For example, the blue group looks for the blue cards and the red group looks at the red cards. 

Virtual Centers


I’ve always included a virtual center in my rotation. Although I’ve had limited technology, small group rotations allow all students to get a turn throughout the week. If you have a Google Classroom you can assign a Google Slides activity or Google Forms. 

The advantage of using a Google Form is that you can quickly look at the results in one place (the spreadsheet). 

Have you used any of these centers? If you’re looking to amp up your virtual center, download my Google Slide Math Templates. You can customize them quickly over and over again. Get your slide deck here. 



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