Back to School Night: An Easy Teacher Guide


Back to school night comes once a year, and Pinterest is full of elaborate back to school night ideas. But if you’re anything like me, I’m still rushing around putting the finishing touches on my classroom, and too busy to put extra time into an elaborate back to school night set-up. 

Here is my guide to having a welcoming, Pinterest worthy, back to school night without all the extra work.  Don’t have time to read? Watch this video!

Send the Back to School Night Flyer

Keep it simple. These editable flyers are the perfect back to school night invitation. They take minutes to make. Just type in the necessary information, press print, and you are ready to pass them out.

Send these editable Flyers!

Decorate for back to school

You’ve just spent countless hours planning, purchasing and implementing the perfect classroom theme for the year. When it comes to back to school night, let your hard work shine and add a simple welcome banner, easily printed and cut quickly with a paper cutter. Pinterest worthy banner in minutes! Get it girl!

Pro Tip: Don’t spend time punching holes, hunting down string, threading the string through all the holes and hanging. Staple that baby up! 

Hang this Welcome Banner with little prep!

Back to School Night Gifts

I know gifts can be extra work and time to put into an open house, but it will help you hold your own when you see Pinetrest treats coming out of all the other classrooms.

Believe me, I’ve been the teacher with no gift and the teacher guilt hits hard when I stick my head out the door and watch my students walk out empty handed, while other students are walking by with their names customized on a flashy water bottle. 

This one is easy and the students love it! Print the “Its Glowing to be a Great Year” page on bright paper and tape glow sticks to them. Easy! Hit up the Dollar Store or Amazon, especially around the 4th of July to find cheap glowsticks. You’ll be good to go!


Back to School Night Sign-In Sheet

This may be one of the most important parts! Instead of taking precious time to make back to school night sign-ins forms, print these back to school sign-in pdfs. 

Of course you need to label each form so the parents know what they are signing. You don’t need to go to the world’s largest furniture store to buy special frames and then cut them to size. These just print onto colored card stock and fold in the middle. These label tents are cute and quick. You’re ready for all that parent info to roll in. 


Back to School Night Activity

There are so many cute activities for back to school night and this activity is easy, inspirational and may even bring parents to tears (happy tears of course.)  Complete your back to school night with a Parent Wish Wall activity. 


  • Poster paper or butcher paper
  • Markers
  • Parent Wish Wall sign

Parents fill the poster with their well wishes for their student. It’s sentimental, sweet and a really cool way for students to see and be reminded of how much their parents love them and want them to succeed. 


Supply Requests

Every teacher has dreams of endless pencils and limitless Expo markers. Let the parents know! Simply type all the supplies your heart desires (one on each card) and print. Lay them out next to the “Supply Wish List” tent and let the goods roll in.

I would say, “Good luck !” But you don’t need it, you’ve got this! Go get em’!

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