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Repeated Addition in the 2nd grade Classroom

In 2nd grade, repeated addition isn’t a standalone standard in the Common Core State Standards for Math. It is a hidden gem in 2.OA.4 and it is described as, “…an equation to express the total as a sum of equal addends.” If that doesn’t sound like poetry, I don’t know what does. (excuse my inner...

Back to School Night: An Easy Teacher Guide

Back to school night comes once a year, and Pinterest is full of elaborate back to school night ideas. But if you’re anything like me, I’m still rushing around putting the finishing touches on my classroom, and too busy to put extra time into an elaborate back to school night set-up.  Here is my guide...

Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

There are 5 major things that happened when I learned how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. Sure it was overwhelming at first, but these 5 things helped me get on track to building a successful business and they can do the same for you! 1. I got my creativity back Do you feel creative...

5 Ways to Practice Counting Money in 2nd Grade

Spring time brings flowers, rain showers and counting money in 2nd grade. My students can’t contain themselves when they see the glistening silver and copper coins. There is just something about handling those fake plastic coins that stirs the excitement to learn how to count money in 2nd grade. Tooth Fairy Coin Match: Get those...


Last spring, I planted some flowers by my front door. Now…you may not know me very well yet, but the fact that I thought I could grow flowers in my garden is laughable. I’ve killed every houseplant that has had the unfortunate pleasure of crossing my thresh hold. But I thought I’d try my black...

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