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Unlock Arrays in Math for Every 2nd Grader’s Growth

The gateway to multiplication, the foundation to finding area…I introduce to you…ARRAYS IN MATH! And let me just say that students LOVE arrays and you can spice up an array lesson with colorful manipulatives and repeated addition… you won’t find a more fun time than this! Importance of Arrays in Math Prerequisite Skills: Equal groups:...

What is Expanded Form?

Are you teaching expanded form? Do you have a rubber band? Perfect! That’s all you need to introduce expanded form! As a second grade math nerd, expanded form has been my favorite number form to teach. To begin the lesson, I would use a rubber band and show what expanded means. By placing the rubber...

Parent Survey for Teachers with Google Forms

Parent surveys for teachers can provide valuable information and insight at the beginning of the school year.  If you’re anything like me, you may collect a paper copy of a parent survey for back to school and then it sits…just waiting to be hidden under piles of ungraded papers. Then when you need the information,...

Your guide to Virtual Math Manipulatives

Virtual Math Manipulatives are SO handy! Have you ever ended your rock star math lesson, only to find manipulatives scattered on the floor? What about the time you had just got into your teacher flow only to be interrupted by the crashing of base ten blocks hitting the floor and scattering to the far reaches...

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