Easy Self-Care for Teachers: Spring Break Edition

Spring break self-care for teachers is essential after the long winter months with state testing looming. Whether your just ready for a break or reaching peak burnout, there is hope. Here are 5 practical ways to relax and unplug during spring break…

1. Delete your Email App for Easy Self-Care for Teachers

I’m guilty of checking my work email, even on a break. I don’t want to be blindsided by a random email from my principal that will contain some life-changing information. But the fact is, that just won’t happen. Delete the email box after you leave work and vow to check it only when you get back to work (or the night before if you want to be mentally prepared for the next day). Keeping your work email off your phone is also a great way to always have a work-life balance. It helps you keep work at work. 


2. Select One Must-Do for Self-Care for Teachers

One must-do may not feel like a lot, but teachers are usually at home or on vacation with their own kids. Things can quickly get busy. Carting kids around to activities or entertaining them and their friends doesn’t help you rest. It’s still a lot of work, even if you plan a tropical vacation with kids. 

Pick the one thing you want that you know will absolutely refresh you. Is it a quiet poolside sesh reading those spicy books stuffed in your Kindle? Or a girls’ night filled with laughter and good food? Whatever that one thing is, schedule it beforehand, and don’t let anything interfere.  


3. Check off A Task You’ve Been Avoiding

Self-care is more than just a fun or luxurious experience. It’s also doing the things we have procrastinated on. Believe me, completing that 5-minute task that is always rattling in your brain will feel so good to check off your list. For me? It’s taking care of a library late charge or getting into the doctor for a physical. Maybe for you, it’s cleaning out the junk drawer or finally updating the address on your driver’s license.  Whatever it is, on the first day of break, the first morning, Get. It. Done. You will feel such a relief. 


4. Say “No” to Something

Setting boundaries allows you to create space to rest and unplug. Find one thing and say no! If you feel guilty about saying no, reframe it. Think, “I said no because I need a break, and I deserve it,” or “Saying no is okay; there will be another time and place when I can say yes.”

5.  Spend Time Outside

Whether walking your dog or camping in the mountains, take time to breathe in the fresh air and take deep, refreshing breaths. Soak in the sun, and ground yourself in the sounds, sights, and smells surrounding you. It will be a fantastic reset. 

These self-care ideas aren’t the most glamorous, but they will help you enjoy your time much more. You work so hard and deserve to unplug in the best way possible. 

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