Engaging St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities for 2nd Grade


Fun Filled St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities

Teachers can provide many over-the-top fun activities during classroom holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day, from crafts to room transformations. But by March, spring break is looming, and it is just too much to ask a teacher to facilitate leprechaun traps and the messy cleanup (although that is a great STEM opportunity!). As a teacher, I was always on the lookout for a way to quickly acknowledge the day with some fun but also ensure a short, low-prep activity that does not require rearranging the entire day. My go-to? A fun read-aloud and a related math or reading activity. Here’s an idea for St. Patrick’s Day Activities for 2nd Grade…

Why I love “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover!”

This book series has many variations and is a fun short read for St. Patrick’s Day in the classroom. Your students have probably read a version of this story and are always excited to read a new version. The illustrations are colorful, a little wacky, and will make your students smile. Another plus to this book selection is that it is from Scholastic, so you can pick it up at a book fair or grab it from Amazon for a very affordable price. YouTube is also an option with plenty of recordings to choose from. 

I also always loved leaving the book out for students to read for the rest of the month. I had a special shelf where I kept recent read-alouds and even my struggling readers were so motivated and excited to read the read-aloud books with a partner. The pattern in the book is excellent reading practice. 


Math Concepts to Implement 

  • Patterns: In second grade, students are working on skip counting, which follows a pattern. You can talk about the patterns in counting by 5s, 10s, and 100s. 
  • Word problems: This is an excellent opportunity to practice addition and subtraction word problems. For example, there was an old lady who ate a 20 and then a 5. How many did she swallow in all?
  • Measurement: Have students measure pictures of items the old woman swallowed—print images of clovers, fiddles, daisies, butterflies, and gold coins. Students can estimate their length and then measure them. This could be extended by having them compare the sizes or order them from largest to smallest.
  • Money: Although U.S. Coins are not gold coins, students love to practice counting coins. It is a skill best practiced throughout the year, and holidays are a great opportunity for extra practice. 

Math Activities St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s the thing…holiday prep shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Once you have this book, all you have to do is make copies of this St. Patrick’s Day Math Activity packet that includes essential 2nd-grade math practice and number fun. Students will engage in math practice related to the book they read. 


This helpful activity will keep your students engaged and learning during a fun holiday!

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