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Learn how my life changed when I started to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers…

There are 5 major things that happened when I learned how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. Sure it was overwhelming at first, but these 5 things helped me get on track to building a successful business and they can do the same for you!

1. I got my creativity back

Do you feel creative in the classroom? After teaching 2nd grade for 4 years, following curriculums year after year, my creativity had vanished. As a result, I felt like a robot, following the script, depending on other people’s ideas to get me through.

Teachers Pay Teachers seemed like an opportunity to create and make some extra cash. I decided I wanted to learn to how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. The only resources I had made were for my class and tied to our curriculum. I didn’t feel like I had any original ideas. What could I use in the classroom? What could I create? I felt stuck.

Then I realized, I am a creative person! This has been my daily affirmation.  What were new ways to engage my students? The brainstorm began. I started creating games and interactive activities for my students that were tied to standards and not just the curriculum.

When I started to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers I got my creativity back!

With a big dream in my heart, I had an idea and I ran with it. My first original idea was my Valentine’s Day Affirmation Crown craft. Then came my Tooth Fairy Coin Match (Read my blog on this activity!) . My students would light up with the new activities I brought to class.

Creating for my students gave me pride in my work in and outside the classroom. It made me a better teacher. It makes me want to push myself knowing that giving time for creativity matters to my moral and my wallet.

2. I invested in my business

I started this business on a whim. My student loans have to be paid, and this seemed like something I could really dig into and enjoy. Sure, I sold a few products here or there but not enough to send those loans packing.

Enter Kayse Morris from Teaching on Less. I found her Instagram, and it felt like fate. I realized that I had watched her youtube videos when I had started looking for answers about how to sell on teacher pay teachers.

She offered a free download, First 10 Steps to Selling Your Teaching Resources Online. I downloaded it and knew these were the steps I needed to learn how to sell on teachers pay teachers and make my business viable.

I settled on a business name, created a blog, and had a logo designed.

Then, it happened. Kayse opened the cart for her Transform Your Resources course. Sure, it was an investment, but I knew I didn’t have the experience or the time to figure out how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers, but Kayse did.

Start to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers and get started with Transform Your Resources!

She is passionate about helping people like me and she is living proof that her methods work. How could I not invest in that?

So with my heart pounding, I invested money in my business and registered for her course. And I was right! The quality content Kayse provides is worth every penny. She does an excellent job of teaching her students to make high quality resources. Did you catch that? HIGH QUALITY. She has pushed me to take the time to create my resources the right way.

After taking her course have learned so much and have totally transformed the way I am building my business.  I am now in Kayse’s CEO Teacher course where I’m not only learning how to sell on teachers pay teachers but pushing my business to grow beyond the TpT platform.

3. I make time to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

I am a full time teacher, mom of two boys, in the middle of soccer season, involved in church, in May (which as you know is busy season for teachers). When do I get time to sit down, write a blog, create a new product, or have the brain space to even think of a new idea?

I MAKE the time.

Rachel Hollis addresses this topic in Girl, Stop Apologizing. (If you haven’t read it put it on your list of must reads!) She asks two important questions How are you using the time you have? and What are you willing to give up in order to get it? Those two questions have me fired up!

How are you using your time? After some serious contemplation, I had to be honest with myself. I was using my time to watch up to three hours of Netflix a night!  That’s right…three hours! Sure I had dinner with my family, ran errands or cleaned my house… but I spend my free time my free time, in front of the T.V., simultaneously scrolling on my Instagram feed.

I gave up my Netflix time to build my business.

What are you willing to give up in order to get it (time)? To clarify, there is nothing wrong with watching Netflix for 3 hours.  But I am learning how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers and so Netflix is what I had to give up.

Here is how I make time:

Some weeks I will choose one evening to work for a longer amount of time. Those are times I may give up dinner with my family or I miss bedtime with my boys. Other weeks it works to have one hour a night to grind. My husband and I commit to my intentional work time before the chaos of the week begins.

Don’t get me wrong, I still put my feet up and watch reruns of The Office. And most nights I’m present for dinner and bedtime. The change has been to have intentional work time for creating and selling on Teachers Pay Teachers.

4. I became a premium seller on Teachers Pay Teachers

This was the very first step I made to say that I was going to be serious about this business. I chose to pay the premium seller fee.  At $59.95 a year for 80% on all sales was much better than the 55% on all sales for the free basic seller package. I knew that if I was trying to get rid of my student loans I needed every percentage I could get. I made the yearly fee back within the first few months of selling. This is a MUST if you are going to get started learning how to sell on teachers pay teachers.

5. Teachers Pay Teachers conference here I come!

That’s right! I took the bold step to go to the conference…alone…by myself…solo…you get it! Although it is still a few months out, I am beyond excited and… well… nervous. You see I’m not much of a mingler. The term “networking” sends chills up my spine.

I’m headed off to my first Teachers Pay Teachers conference in July!

But I want success and there is so much to learn. So I’m putting myself out there as symbol of my determination.

To be proactive in my business, I must always be growing, and growth is uncomfortable.  At the conference I will learn from experienced sellers about how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. I want the inside scoop. I want to meet others who are in the same business as I am. And maybe, just maybe, I will walk away with a few new friends too.

Listen, learning to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers can feel overwhelming and discouraging. If you want to get serious about learning how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers, I would absolutely say, download Kasey’s First 10 Steps to Selling Your Teaching Resources Online. She outlines the steps you to take to sell your teaching resources online and beyond!

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