Spring Math Activities You Need for Extra Classroom Fun


Spring Math Activities with a Read-Aloud!

🌸🐰As the days grow longer and the scent of blooming flowers fills the air, an exciting tale perfectly captures the essence of springtime joy— “How to Catch the Easter Bunny,” and spring math activities. This story is a colorful read-aloud, and it’s a celebration of creativity, imagination, and the excitement that comes with the arrival of spring. 🌷📚

Why I love How to Catch the Easter Bunny

This is a great addition to other books in the series, such as How to Catch a Turkey and How to Catch a Leprechaun. When you pull out this read-aloud, students will already be anticipating what the story will be about, which will engage them quickly. 

The author, Adam Wallace, and illustrator, Andy Elkerton, have crafted a world where anything is possible. The story encourages young minds to think outside the box, from elaborate traps to clever schemes. How to Catch the Easter Bunny can instill a sense of anticipation and excitement. As the characters set their traps and hatch their plans, readers can’t help but feel the thrill of the chase. It’s a perfect story to share during the spring season, adding an extra layer of festivity to the air.

The Easter Bunny is portrayed as a clever and elusive creature, always one hop ahead of those attempting to catch him. The determination and creativity of the characters attempting to catch the elusive bunny add a layer of humor and charm that keeps readers engaged.


Spring Math Activities Concepts

Patterns: Have students decorate eggs using patterns with different shapes. The patterns could also include a counting pattern like by 5s, 10s, and 100s. 

Word Problems: There are plenty of opportunities to use word problems concerning spring, the easter bunny, and easter eggs. For example, The Easter Bunny brought 25 chocolate eggs, you ate 7 of them. How many eggs do you have left?

Counting: For students in Kindergarten, have them count plastic eggs you can purchase for a reasonable price or have donated. You can also practice subitizing by having them identify groups of easter eggs. 

How would I implement it? 

Of course, these are all fun ideas, and I would love to help you out! So, I’ve created an easy-to-implement activity for springtime fun! Make copies, grab the read-aloud, or watch the YouTube with your students to get them hooked and excited to practice math concepts. Here’s what I’ve got for you…

Spring Math Activity: Scavenger Hunt


When I was in the classroom, scavenger hunts were one of my favorite activities because 

  • It gets students up and moving while working on a skill they may need more practice.  
  • Not just another worksheet, they can work together with partners for extra help!
  • Use it at a center, stack the cards, and have them practice with a small group or individually. 
  • Put the cards into easter eggs for the students to find, open, and solve!

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