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Last spring, I planted some flowers by my front door. Now…you may not know me very well yet, but the fact that I thought I could grow flowers in my garden is laughable. I’ve killed every houseplant that has had the unfortunate pleasure of crossing my thresh hold. But I thought I’d try my black thumb at outdoor flowers. They were carnations…which I chose because they are hearty and anybody can keep hearty flowers alive… right? 

Every morning I would anxiously pass them to see if they had bloomed. I would weed the ground around them and admire the carnations laden with buds, stuffed with colorful pedals waiting to burst open. I couldn’t wait for the beauty that was about to appear. 

One day, working in the dirt, a thought occurred to me: my life was that bud. I was full of potential, my life had so much beauty to share with the world. I just needed to bloom. I’ve been working to find my passion and now, I have begun to open my colorful pedals to the world.

I struggled to find myself as a teacher and a mother.

The last few years, I struggled to find myself as a teacher and as a mother. I wanted to be my best in and out of the classroom. But the struggle is real! And so, I am on a journey to be a teacher and mom … join me in the struggle and victories the laughs and tears.

And so here YOU are at Bonita Blooms. A place where I will create resources and a place where teachers and teacher moms grow into their most beautiful potential in the classroom and at home. We can do this together!

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